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July 2017

Arqino’s IBM MQ Assessments and Health Check

By | DevOps Arqino

IBM MQ (WebSphere MQ) Assessment

Many businesses use IBM MQ (Previously WebSphere) software as the infrastructure messaging and message brokering components within their environment. Ensuring optimum efficiency and operation of your MQ environment, helps ensure your e-business infrastructure:

  • is operating at optimum efficiency
  • meets your current business requirements
  • provides a firm foundation for future enhancements

This service provides you with an assessment of your WebSphere MQ messaging environment, including WebSphere MQ, WebSphere MQ Integrator and MQ Series Workflow; and recommendations to address identified problems or issues. This service covers all aspects of your WebSphere MQ environment and will identify actions to help you obtain optimum efficiency and operation of your WebSphere MQ environment.

The MQ Assessment typically covers the following (This can be done onsite or remotely):

  • MQ Architecture review
  • Check for security gaps/issues
  • Analyse performance and throughput
  • Examine Queue Manager configurations and error logs/files
  • Review any outstanding PMR’s
  • Check version usage and upgrade options / effort required to migrate to latest version


A summary report outlining findings and high level recommendations on areas reviewed such as:

  • Overall technical architecture
  • Performance, Security, High Availability, Disaster Recovery
  • Monitoring, Scripts/Automation, Upgrades
  • PCI and Internal Compliance

This report is delivered and stepped through with you and our MQ architect.

Length of Engagement

1 days of analysis and reporting (Completed report will be delivered soon after)


Access to MQ architect(s) familiar with MQ Infrastructure and implementation.

Get in touch to find out more or for us to answer any queries you may have!