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1st IBM WebSphere MQ 9.0 Migration Workshop

By 2017-12-14DevOps Arqino

IBM WebSphere MQ Migration Workshop

On the 20th September 2017, Arqino and Tech Data hosted a free workshop on the topic of Migrating to IBM WebSphere MQ v9.0. The workshop had a specific focus on using Talos (a middleware configuration management tool) together with the Arqino IBM Toolkit to address issues with IBM WebSphere MQ migrations.


David Ware, Head of IBM WebSphere MQ Product Development gave a great talk on the state of IBM MQ. Of particular interest was his summary of the 2 types of releases IBM has for MQ 9.0 and future versions. Below is an extract from the IBM site:

From IBM MQ Version 9.0 there are two types of release; a Long Term Support (LTS) release and Continuous Delivery (CD) release. The aim of the two release types is to meet the requirement for delivery of new and enhanced IBM MQ functions as rapidly as possible in the next CD release, while at the same time maintaining a stable long term support release for systems that need a long term deployment of IBM MQ, and for customers who prefer this traditional option.

The CD release type means that having a DevOps tool like Talos is essential for managing the configuration of your IBM WebSphere MQ environments. During the workshop the following was covered:
  1. Discovering and IBM WebSphere MQ config on a single host.
  2. Creating templates from the above discovery and recreating the topology/config on a new host.
  3. Creating a config for a single host using the Talos UI and then creating it on the host.
  4. Creating aa MQ cluster in the UI and then creating it on the infrastructure by running it on one host at a time.
  5. Comparison of two IBM MQ topologies.

More on Talos and the IBM WebSphere MQ Toolkit

The MQ toolkit for Talos allows for the following:

  1. Reduced MQ Administration overhead
  2. Fast replication of MQ configurations to Dev, Test, Prod
  3. Support Continuous Configuration Deployments
  4. Easier migration from one version of MQ to another e.g. MQ 7.5 to version 8 or 9.
  5. Moving from On-Premise to Cloud environments e.g. On-Prem to Amazon (AWS).

An IBM MQ Migration in Your Future?

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