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2nd IBM WebSphere MQ Migration Workshop using Talos

By 2017-12-14DevOps Arqino

Having the ability to reduce the time to market for new products and services is the holy grail that many companies aim for. Dealing with old technologies is often an inhibitor to digital transformation.

IBM MQ is a messaging product that is widely used by financial institutions and other organisations that require guaranteed message delivery. It’s often used to integrate different systems using the enterprise service bus pattern. There are legacy installations of IBM MQ which need to be updated in order to support new digital projects as well as the move to the cloud. 

Arqino together with Tech Data (previously Avnet Technology Services) are hosting a free 1 day workshop on migrating to new technologies, specifically focusing on IBM MQ.

During the workshop we show how through using Talos and the Arqino MQ toolkit, you can easily migrate between different versions of IBM MQ. From v5.3 to v8 and V9 and also from versions 6 and 7.5  to v8. We will also show how Talos can be used to move middleware to the cloud e.g. IBM Softlayer or AWS.

Upgrading to a newer version of MQ and migrating to the cloud is usually fraught with issues and is a cost that any business wants to keep to a minimum. 

Talos is a DevOps automation tool which is used to manage middleware configurations. By using a data driven approach and treating the underlying infrastructure as code, Talos allows for configuration management of middleware to be abstracted out. This makes it easier to discover, template and version control middleware configurations on premise and in the cloud.