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How Arqino’s IBM MQ Toolkit solves migration challenges

By 2017-12-14DevOps Arqino

On November 23rd, Arqino and Tech Data once again hosted a free workshop on the topic of IBM MQ Migration. This time though, it was done as a full day live webinar, as opposed to the traditional morning or afternoon segment. The day addressed various elements of IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS). Specifically how Tech Data’s Talos works so well. But also Arqino’s MQ Toolkit so that together, Talos and the toolkit can tackle issues with IBM MQ migrations.

Arqino’s MQ Toolkit

More issues on WAS were addressed as the event progressed.  Though more importantly, how Arqino’s MQ toolkit significantly reduces the risk and complexity of migration within various versions of IBM MQ. The day then carried on with an overview of Talos. Highlighting its key features and benefits. These ranged from saving companies costs, saving resources and many more.

We then had the privilege of hearing two speakers from IBM: Tom Banks, Senior Offering Manager WebSphere Application Server & IBM Voice Gateway who spoke on what was new in WAS v9 and the migration challenges that came with it. Tim McCormick, IBM MQ Service Architect followed this on. He gave insight into updates on IBM MQ v9 and similarly, the challenges a company could face when going through migration.

The day finalised with a live demonstration with Richard Caldeira, our Digital Integration Engineer. Richard ran through the MQ migration, showing the benefits of the toolkit alongside leveraging Talos in front of the audience. Able to demonstrate the product physically was a breakthrough, as now we had concrete evidence of it success.

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