At Arqino [ahr-ki-no] we specialise in creating and managing digital products.

We bring a unique mix of cultural, creative, business and technical experience to the world of digital. A few of us are from the generation that experienced a period of human history before and after the Internet. We think that’s significant.

Often we find that decisions about a businesses digital presence are made on assumptions and no hard data. Our approach combines techniques from service design, behavioural psychology, analytics and making camp fires in the rain.

Our combined experience means we were working in this field before it had names like UI Designer, UX Specialist, Integration Architect and a few more that we think just exist as acronyms.


Pundarik Ranchhod

Digital Consultant

Building and leading teams, Technology and business consulting, digital design, sales and marketing, P&L management, business plan development and execution.

Gordon Latimer

Senior Visual Designer

Experience in just about all forms of design. From corporate branding through to web, interactive media and mobile apps. I love ideas and solving design problems.

Richard Caldeira

Digital Integration Engineer

Architects, designs and builds digital solutions. Experience with Web, Mobile, API, SOA, ESB, DevOps technologies and methods. Specific knowledge of IBM integration, Apigee and iOS development.