Consent Manager for Woo Commerce


Compatible with: Salient Theme

This free version of Consent Manager has been approved by and is available as an open source plugin. If you’d like to receive regular updates about this free version, please sign up to our mailing list. This version has the following features:

Capture child and adult details on WooCommerce Checkout
Allow parents to manage child consent using the WooCommerce My Account feature
Use WooCommerce tags for products that require parental or adult consent
Supports Simple and WooCommerce Bookings products
Capture adult’s contact details and consent
Capture children details at checkout
Order confirmation with additional details about consent
Policy content for website
Set URLs for privacy, purchase and terms and conditions
Simple report for viewing and searching consent details


Product Description

Are you drowning in a sea of paper forms? Worried that you can’t find emergency details fast enough?

Many small and medium businesses that sell services to adults and parents with children, rely on paper based processes for consent management. This results in:

a. Paper based records being printed and stored in cabinets.
b. Extra effort when uploading these records into a database.
c. Errors introduced during data entry i.e. transferring information from handwritten paper forms.
d. Annoyed customers, who find paper forms a waste of time. Not many of them will have the ability to edit PDFs and will therefore waste time printing them off, scanning and emailing or putting in the post.

There is a lot of time and therefore money lost in the whole process!

Consent Manager solves these problems and also has additional capabilities in the Premium version that makes it easier to manage consent for adults and children.