What is Talos?

As the world turns to cloud computing we see many companies struggling to reconcile their current investments in various middleware and are left wondering how can we migrate current middleware estate into a public and/or private cloud?  How can we extend a basic Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering to create a Platform-as-a-Service offering that encompasses our current middleware estate?  What about DevOps, how do we go about optimizing DevOps for our middleware platform in the cloud.

Talos is a middleware configuration automation tool from Tech Data that addresses these issues. Talos integrates with a variety of cloud providers and orchestration engines and is intended to automate configuration changes and application deployments across both commercial and open source middleware platforms.  Talos normalizes the way you work with middleware by avoiding the need to write custom scripts for each type of middleware thereby preventing the spaghetti scripting effect.


Talos delivers configuration management support for these various middleware and appliances in the form of Talos Toolkits.  Talos Toolkits encapsulate all of the knowledge of how to work with a given piece of middleware to be able to extract the configuration and perform various automation tasks.

Arqino Talos Toolkits

Arqino is an authorised reseller for Talos, in addition we also develop several toolkits for Talos:

Arqino IBM MQ Toolkit

  • Discover MQ Queue Managers
  • Migrate from older versions of MQ to newer ones or from on-premise to the cloud
  • On reading the configuration, the details of the Queue Manager are read in:
    • Queue names, channels, listeners and topics (as well as the children item details).
    • All items from the Queue Manager downwards can be tokenized and saved into a template

Arqino IBM IIB Toolkit

  • When pointing to an IIB server, the topology is automatically discovered
  • Automatic reading in of the configuration, the details of the Integration Node, including Integration Servers (previously known as execution groups) as well as all the Applications and the associated message flows and message definitions.
  • Integration Nodes and Integration Servers are all tokenisable  – as Applications and the associated message flows are binary, these will be copied across in selected in the template.

Talos and Migrations

Organisations constantly need to upgrade their middleware platforms to the latest and greatest versions, Talos can play a key role in such migrations.  With Talos, you can save up to 75% of the time involved in migrations and deliver an new environment with greater consistency and less human errors.  Talos can support middleware version upgrades, lifting and shifting your middleware estate into a public cloud or assist in making the transition from traditional middleware to microservices inside containers.

Arqino can support your migration needs with the following offerings

  1.     Middleware Migrations Made Quick and Easy – Automated migrations from older versions of middleware to the newer versions.
  2.     Accelerate Middleware Adoption in the Cloud – Lift and shift your middleware into a public cloud and develop a Hybrid cloud strategy and leverage Talos to provide DevOps across the two.
  3.     The Fastest Way
 to Re-Architect Middleware Infrastructure to Embrace Microservices and Containers – Make the move into microservices on Docker containers.  Automatically migrate applications running in a shared monolithic Java run-time (Such as WebSphere Application Server) to a light weight microservices friendly runtime (Tomcat or IBM Liberty Profile) running on Docker.  Talos can then provide a Devops solution for managing both your traditional legacy middleware as well as microservices environments including moving various artifacts between these two worlds.